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12 Steps & Spirituality

12 Steps & Spirituality

12 Steps & Spirituality

Deeply Ingrained Throughout Our Care
There is an emphasis on the 12-steps immersion and clients are strongly encouraged to take part in off-site AA/NA meetings at night.

In-Depth 12 Step Teachings
The principles of the 12-step program of recovery are deeply ingrained throughout our care. At the treatment center, patients work with both the staff and the outside members of the sober community in Massachusetts on the principles and guidelines found inside the 12 Steps.

  • 7 Days Per Week
    Northeast Addictions Treatment Center stays engaged with you. From weekly alumni events and active communication with our sober alumni, we will walk with you on your journey.
  • Where to Start
    All clients are held accountable to live inside of the solution, rather than the problem and are encouraged to work an active program of recovery from the moment they get to Northeast.
  • Mentoring
    Northeast Addictions Treatment Center brings in guest speakers, Nationally Recognized 12 step immersion teachers and has a plethora of 12 steps literature which is readily available and free to our clients.
  • Here at NEATC
    A leading addiction treatment facility like Northeast Addictions Treatment Center can provide individuals with the sober time they need and the tools necessary to recover, but addiction is a lifelong battle.
  • Our Promise
    You will develop a strong foundation for recovery under the guidance of our highly-qualified clinicians and treatment professionals.

The Importance of the 12 Steps Immersion

A 12 Steps Immersion fellowship is an important and integral part of an addicted individual’s recovery because it provides them with the opportunity of having ongoing camaraderie and support in their communities outside of treatment.

At Northeast ATC, we believe that coupled with our clinical treatment, completing the 12 Steps and remaining active in a fellowship gives the individual the highest chance for success to stay sober one day at a time for the rest of their lives. We focus on the solution that works.