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Addiction Treatment Center, Making the Call

Addiction Treatment Center, Making the Call

What You Need to Know Before Calling an Addiction Treatment Center

Addiction is a disease that can manifest itself very quickly in some cases or take years to develop in other cases. Each person’s addition is as unique as that person is. And because each person and case is different there is no one size fits all solution. The most successful treatment and recovery programs are going to be the ones which offer flexibility and the opportunity to custom tailor a treatment plan to meet each person’s specific needs. Addicts and their loved ones need to understand that success and failure are defined differently for each person in each and every program. And it can require multiple visits or programs for an addict to finally regain control of his or her life. But the first step in the process for any recovery is acknowledging that there is a problem.

Honestly Seeing the Problem

It is not always the addict who finally recognizes that there is a problem and a need for help to control the addiction. In many cases it is a loved one who is wrestling with taking that first step and reaching out for help. But as long as someone is willing to make the effort and reach out a hand, then the process can begin. Blame, fear and guilt can all loom over the person’s head who is making the call even if it is a loved one and not the addict. But finding the inner strength to make the call and ask for help is likely the only way to save the life of an addict, whether it is you or a loved one, you need to make the call.

Critical Information

When calling a facility to learn about addition treatment, you will want to have the addict’s insurance information available. This will allow the facility to provide you with cost information for the treatment program. You will also want to consider the location of the facility you are selecting. For some people, the shame of the addition is a very heavy burden and treatment in another state might be a welcome option. Other people might desire the encouragement and support of their family during the treatment and would benefit from a treatment facility located near loved ones. Again, there is no right or wrong answer. There is only the answer that best meets the unique needs of this one particular addict. If you are calling for a loved one who has not yet evolved to the point of being able to see his or her addiction, then you simply must do the best you can to meet these needs; but you must make the call.

What Services to Expect

Addiction treatment is about more than being dependent on drugs or alcohol, it is about finding the cause of the pain that pushed someone to abuse a substance to find relief. To discover the cause and then treat the issue many different types of treatment programs could be used. Individualized therapy can be conducted as an inpatient or outpatient tool. These one on one meetings with a trained therapist provide guidance on coping with stress, rebuilding relationships and structuring a new, substance free life. Other methods include group therapy, didactic therapy, and expressive therapy. Some or all of these concepts can be combined to meet the specific needs of each person suffering from addiction. But the first critical step is making the call to begin treatment.

Additional Support

  • In addition to managing and working through the stages of recovery, there are services to help guide the person back to their normal life. Addicts are often worried about losing a job or having to ask for an extended period of time off. But the staff can assist by explaining the options provisioned under the FMLA Act for medical leave and how to best explain the situation to an employer.
  • Often times it is a loved one who has finally made the decision to reach out for help. There are programs available to assist family members in understanding addiction and also to help them to work through their emotions and pain as a result of the addiction.


Addiction is not like most other illnesses. It is not something that you had a long time ago but after treatment it just when away. Addiction is a lifelong struggle in many cases but it is something that can be controlled with proper care and the help of a strong support system. Just as each person’s addiction and triggers are unique, so is their recovery and success. Only the recovering addict can decide how far they wish to travel and how much they wish to accomplish in their life. Only he or she can determine when success has been reached. But none of that can happen until someone decides to take that first treacherous step and make the call for help.

Be Strong

If you are the lost soul struggling with addiction, do not give up on yourself. There is no shame in asking for help. In fact, asking for help to control your addiction shows immense strength and is something that you should be proud of. It shows that you are ready to face your demons and begin your journey on the path to regaining your life and your happiness. Please make the call. And if you are that loved one who simply can’t look the other way a single minute longer, please make the call. It is completely understandable that you are filled with anxiety, fear and maybe even shame that you have allowed addiction to consume your loved one. But making this one difficult call today can save you from receiving that one devastating call in the future, only to hear that addiction has won and you have lost that person who is so dear to you.