Plugging Meth | Effects & Dangers Of Booty Bumping

Due to the serious nature of this form of drug use, plugging meth can cause harmful side effects.

Methamphetamine use may include a form of administration known as plugging. Also called booty bumping, this process involves inserting meth into the rectum.

Plugging occurs when a person mixes the drug in sterile water and then injects it into the body through rectal means.

When crystal meth is administered through the rectum, the body receives a higher percentage of the drug in the bloodstream causing a heightened form of euphoria.

Effects Of Booty Bumping Meth

With amphetamine stimulants such as meth, there are a variety of effects that can be caused. Due to the intensity of the high, you may experience:

  • euphoria
  • increased security
  • heightened senses
  • feelings of invincibility
  • pleasurability

Other Methods Of Meth Abuse

Because plugging has a higher bioavailability rate, many suffering from drug abuse will choose this route of administration to increase the effects of the drug. Other ways meth can be administered include:

Using meth in any of these ways is considered substance abuse. Meth is a Schedule II drug that can sometimes be accidentally combined with fentanyl due to the fact that these drugs can be obtained through illegal means and are not medically approved by a doctor or pharmacist.

Dangers Of Plugging Meth

Due to the serious nature of this form of drug use, plugging meth can cause harmful side effects. The rush of dopamine to the brain occurs quickly when the drug is used rectally. This process may occur within minutes of usage.

Because of this, the high can quickly come and go, causing those who use the drug to continuously administer more meth into their body. This can lead to meth toxicity and overdose.

Those who participate in anal sex after plugging meth will likely have more risk of developing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as hepatitis c, hepatitis a, or HIV. This is due in part to trauma the rectum experiences with each injection.

Mental Health Concerns

Your mental health can drastically be affected by drug use, especially methamphetamine. For instance, a person can experience:

  • agitation
  • anxiety
  • paranoia
  • psychosis
  • hallucinations
  • depression

Physical Concerns

Substance use in the form of meth can lead to a number of issues, even when administered in a different way than booty bumping. For instance, long-term meth abuse can lead to:

  • serious dental problems
  • skin sores or abscesses
  • increased heart rate
  • stroke
  • liver damage
  • heart attack
  • lung damage
  • increased blood pressure rates

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), potential perforation to the colon may also occur. Harm reduction practices can help reduce potential health risks, which include using sterile syringes and not sharing needles or equipment.

Meth Addiction Treatment

Meth addiction treatment options include a variety of healthcare services.

Whether you receive medical care as an inpatient or outpatient, it’s important for your body to undergo detox to rid itself of the harmful methamphetamine inside your body. You can then participate in behavioral therapy, support groups, and other treatment services.

To learn about our outpatient treatment options for meth abuse, please contact Northeast Addictions Treatment Center today.

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