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Alcohol Consumption Rising Among Women

Alcohol Consumption for Stress

Many adults are binge drinking to cope with stress. Through history, we have seen alcohol become more and more acceptably used in today’s society. Although there are many reasons that lure users to alcohol, many studies show that the typical user is experiencing higher amounts of stress.

An astounding 78% of adults in America are medicating with alcohol and 3.3 million people have been subject to alcohol-related deaths. Even though it is a very toxic habit, It is completely normalized to drink alcohol after a hard or stressful day. With stress levels higher than ever, alcohol users undeniably feel they deserve to take a break and slow down. For the sake of slowing down our minds in an unbearably busy world, many adults use alcohol. It is a common practice to drink alcohol as a stress-reducing solution. We should consider it rather a coping method. Many people understand the dangers associated with Alcohol Abuse or Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) and still proudly choose to use these alcoholic substances for their effects. We are all living in a world a little crazier than it has ever been in the past. While considering the ways of life we live in, we all understand why some of the most stressed-out people are getting a little more tipsy. Because of our heightened stress levels, alcohol consumption has increased in our culture dramatically.

Mother with alcohol problem

Alcohol use has become much more acceptable across the board, as the habit grows more popular in our society. In adult women, alcohol consumption has increased to an all time high. There was a time women would consume less alcohol than men.  We are living in a time where 50% of alcohol consumers are now women meaning just as many women as men consume alcohol.

 Rising Stress in Motherhood

In a society that rapidly changes, it is increasingly difficult for anyone to keep calm. Now, women are reporting a rise in their stress levels. This rising frequency is leading women to consume more alcohol for stress relief than ever before. Studies show that more and more women are turning to alcohol for their increasing stress levels. Between the years 2002-2013 the number of women who demonstrated problem drinking in America soared by 84%. As an obvious number of these adult women are mothers it comes as no surprise, due to the pressure of today’s society, moms have been drinking.The mothers of America have been forced to adjust quickly throughout history as their children grow up swiftly with more needs and expectations. The great juggling act of motherhood has now turned into a job description even more intense than ever before. In addition to living in a culture of high stress and anxiety, moms are in a faster world with many more responsibilities and concerns. The world has broadened because of the internet and now, moms are working overtime trying to keep up with the kids, herself, the house, the chores, the bills, the laundry, the food, the shopping… of course the list goes on and on. Being a mother in today’s society involves an endless list of things to do and even more to keep up with.

Stressed mother

Motherhood has always been arguably the most stressful job in the world. Often, moms list handles very few of her own needs. It is typical to see moms don’t normally have spare time to address and take care of their self. It is not very often moms get a break when they need one, they have a hard time finding rest. Along with the dramatic increase in stress and Alcohol consumption many other ways of life have changed for the mothers of today. Many moms today struggle more with the day to day life as a full time mom. Over the last 50 years in America, there has been an average increase of 41% reported in single mothers. Additionally, many women who are not raising children alone still report the father does not help effectively at home and with the children. This seems to be directly increasing mothers’ stress levels to an all time high. While motherhood doesn’t always look the same it is never easy. Whether a Single mom, Stay-at-home mom or Working mom- they all are known for taking on an incredible amount of stress. There is so much pressure on women to be successful and handle the roller coaster of motherhood and of course attempt to manage a life of her own.

A big stress of motherhood is outside judgment and scrutiny for their choices in raising their children. Moms across the world even measure one another up to their own standards of motherhood. It is commonly expressed that there is a great amount of pressure inherited in becoming a mom. The need to portray perfection online or defend her mothering choices may give her plenty of reasons to chase a chance to slow down. Everywhere you look in the mom community you see unsolicited advice and opinions loaded with judgment. The stress a mother endures is far from a secret but now, for these moms, it is a job that is harder than ever. With all the hurdles in day to day life, it is a wonder some moms sleep at all. Working or not, mothers experience a daily increase of guilt and anxiety. No matter what the case may be, there is an emotional struggle that all moms experience when leaving the house for work or leisure. Neither the stay-at-home mom nor the working mom has it easy when it comes to running their lives and children. Moms of all kinds have no quick escape from any of her responsibilities.

“Moms Who Drink” -Mommy Burnout

The mom world can disagree on an innumerable amount of topics but there is one topic, in agreement that seems to be unanimous, “Mommy needs some wine”. It is a common phrase in America today. As mommy burnout happens to all mothers, the number of responsibilities she takes on daily is enough to break anyone. Many moms say they avoid burning out by sipping their favorite alcoholic drink to relax day or night. The building popularity of moms who drink is astounding. Many moms in the media proudly proclaim they deserve alcohol. Many moms on numerous sources reported using binge drinking to cope with “Mommy Burnout”. The mom world has become one of the proudest consumers of alcohol. “Moms who drink” are now able to connect and support one another worldwide. These new social groups are gathering together in the support of moms greatest entitlement, “Mom Juice” or Wine. There are more encouraging moms online today who share their increased consumption due to increased stress. When mom gets burnt out she is directed to alcohol to assist in coping with too much anxiety and stress in her routine. There are resources with countless videos on YouTube, fan groups, blogs, social media posts and more sharing their love for “mommy’s little helper”. Many of these moms claim they drink to unwind quickly. Some, more proudly than others, boost their daily consumption or even the speed she can drink her wine. Mothers say drinking alcohol helps them relax and for many, it helps them get better sleep. Alcohol is her go-to when she needs to calm down. During mommy burnout, some moms say they drink when they are bored, stressed, overworked and under rested. Struggling with burnout, there are times a mom could pass out over exhausted. She can also feel extreme depression. Either way mom (like everyone else) thinks alcohol pulls her together because it helps her slow down her thoughts.Today, moms encourage one another to use alcohol to claim her break. As moms across the nation use alcohol to enjoy a slower moment in life, it is very common for mom to have a drink as soon as she can. Most moms don’t have time to decompress naturally. It helps her enjoy her family and begin her responsibilities at home. By the end of the the day she is happier from her wine and she is feeling much more relaxed. As long as the kids are sleeping, mom is encouraged to refill her glass as much as she would like.Mommy burn out has been happening at a faster and faster rate. The burn out rate is leading moms around the nation to pour their self an extra glass or two. Now, a widely embraced resource used at the end of her limit, she believes consuming alcohol makes her happier. The huge social media following for moms who drink alcohol has not only increased the popularity in consumption but has even attracted wine companies to target more mothers to buy their products. Mothers agree that alcohol use makes coping with motherhood easier and makes her feel like a better mom. We cannot blame mom for wanting to slow down with alcohol after all, it is cheaper than therapy. When the highly stressed needs to decompress, the antidote is alcohol. With her increasing stress and responsibility, moms around the nation know she deserves her wine.

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