What Is National Prevention Week 2023?

National Prevention Week (NPW) 2023 takes place from May 7th to May 13th. 

During the week, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) provides a wide-range of prevention strategies for alcohol or drug abuse.

In previous years, the NPW offered daily prevention program information during each day of the week. For 2023, focus has simply been placed on shedding light on public health issues. Some of the prevention themes and initiatives to be discussed include:

  • substance misuse prevention, including opioid muse and underage drinking
  • overdose prevention
  • national suicide prevention
  • promoting positive mental health and awareness
  • highlighting prevention efforts
  • enhancing the prevention workforce

How To Participate In National Prevention Week

There are numerous ways for you to get involved and take part in NPW 2023.

Share Your Prevention Story

If you or a loved one have experienced substance abuse issues and would like to raise public awareness, consider sharing your personal stories to others so they hear you and fully understand your history of alcohol or drug use. 

Additionally, you may offer guidance or prevention strategies which can be beneficial for those recently seeking alcohol or drug treatment.

Host A Community Event

At a community event in your area, you can connect with others who have struggled with substance abuse. SAMHSA provides a helpful toolkit which offers suggestions on how to plan an event in your community.

Social Media

Since many stay in touch with the world through social media and various apps, those wishing to raise awareness for substance abuse prevention can make public posts. This helps shed light on NPW, and others may see your posts and decide to seek out help or attend an event in your area.

In fact, one of the focuses of 2023’s NPW consists of using the hashtag #MyPreventionStory across social media to share your story for others. 

Year-Round Prevention Awareness

Although NPW may only take place during a small portion of the year, there are plenty of addiction recovery options and resources year-round. For instance, May is mental health awareness month and September is suicide prevention month.

Throughout the year, you can participate in various community events or provide fact sheets and other evidence-based information to others in your area. You can find resources at SAMHSA.

Professional Addiction Treatment

If you or a loved one struggle with substance misuse, consider receiving treatment services provided by Northeast Addictions Treatment Center. We provider substance use prevention resources and offer a wide-range of outpatient treatment options.

To learn more about the behavioral health care services we provide, please contact us today.


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