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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Massachusetts

About Northeast Addictions Treatment Center

We are a group of friends from the greater Boston community helping others to recover from alcoholism & addiction. We do not subscribe to a single treatment model because we believe each individual case needs to be examined uniquely. NEATC is an outstanding experience on an outstanding platform, trusted like drug & alcohol rehabilitation should be. Our innovative evidence-based approach proves case-by-case care for addiction is more crucial than ever.

Evidence-Based, Solution-Focused, programs and services like treatment should be.

Many come to Northeast Addictions feeling hopeless, having attended other drug/alcohol treatment centers prior, without success. The truth is many, for whatever reason, weren’t introduced to a solid, evidence-based solution. Our qualified medical and clinical staff understand how to combat addiction.

Providing prevention, education, outpatient, day treatment services to all. We believe addiction and alcoholism are progressive, chronic diseases that affect people physically, mentally, and spiritually. Those three components of well-being are the way to recover.

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