Erin White , LADAC II

Primary Therapist

Erin has been involved with the recovery community for over 20 years while professionally working on the front lines of addiction for over 10 years.  She has added seasoned experience to our team with her contributions to addictions counseling through advocacy, and peer support to the homeless, incarcerated, and the medically complex population within the settings of acute, residential, and medical care.  Erin’s lifelong Boston residency has made her an asset to this population by accessing community supports and networking within the legal system; offering advocacy, referrals, and assistance with collaborative stipulated care.

She has studied at UMASS Boston, concentrating on Addictions and Forensic Substance Use Disorder Counseling, with additional certification and training in Relapse Prevention Model and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  Erin comes to us from Mass General Hospital, where she was awarded for her efforts and contributions to the Internal Medical Associates for providing addiction education and consultation for 140 resident doctors, in an effort to restructure best practices surrounding Substance Use Disorder treatment and team collaborations within a medical system.  She recently was awarded by the American Heart Association in 2016 for her efforts and contributions to the Substance Use Disorder population and medical staffing community with concentrations on effective, patient-centered care and treatment planning, within the context of medical complexities for chronic and acute cases.