Are Visitors Allowed During Drug Rehab?

If you have a loved one in rehab, it may depend on the treatment program or policies in place by the rehab center which determines if visitors are allowed or not. Some forms of treatment allow visitation for group therapy sessions while other facilities do not allow visitation at all.

For those of you with a friend or family member in rehab, the treatment center will determine if visitation is allowed. If your loved one requires extensive treatment for a serious substance use disorder, they may have fewer available times for a family visit.

Visitation Rules & Policies

Some treatment centers encourage family support, but have rehab visitation rules.

Some common visitation rules include:

  • getting your visit approved by your loved one’s treatment team
  • always staying in designated areas at the rehab center
  • only visiting during approved hours
  • not bringing any drugs or alcohol

If your loved one chooses an inpatient drug rehab, they are required to remain at the center in-person throughout the duration of their stay.

However, there could be times during treatment which allow you to visit your loved one in inpatient rehab.

By participating in therapy sessions and attending during visitation hours, you show emotional support and are choosing to be an active participant in your loved one’s recovery journey.

When Visitors Are Never Allowed

At certain periods during the recovery process, your loved one will not be allowed to have visitors. When a person takes part in treatment plans which includes individual therapy or medical detox, you may not visit during this time.

Other Ways To Support Your Loved One In Rehab

Despite the rules and regulations regarding drug rehab center visitation, there are other ways in which you can speak with your loved one and show your support as they participate in addiction recovery.

Make A Phone Call

When allowed, you can make a phone call to your loved one while they are at the treatment facility.

Although there will be times in which your loved one will be unavailable due to participating in the addiction treatment process, you can take advantage of the time slots offered for phone calls.

During this time, remind your loved one that they have your continued support. Use this time wisely to place focus on your loved one’s recovery.

Write A Letter Of Encouragement

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) states treatments for more serious drug addictions may require a longer stay in the form of residential treatment.

Whether your loved one requires a weekly stay at an inpatient center or needs drug and alcohol treatment for an extended period of time, a letter of encouragement can show them support.

When writing a letter, let your loved one know they are still in your thoughts and they have your unconditional support and love during this time.

Support Their Recovery

To prevent further drug use after the completion of a treatment program at a drug or alcohol rehab, long-term recovery options may be necessary for your loved one.

You can provide your support during this time by participating in family therapy sessions. There may also be group therapy options, or other helpful support groups, available.

If you are seeking a specific rehab program for a loved one, consider Northeast Addictions Treatment Center. At our treatment facility, we offer a wide range of treatments including behavioral health care, aftercare support, and outpatient programming.

Speak to one of our staff members today and learn about our treatment plans.


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