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How To Help An Alcoholic

How To Help An Alcoholic

Alcohol Help For Your Loved Ones

Data indicates that the annual consumption of pure alcohol in the Northeast United States alone is nearly 3 gallons per person each year.  Since these numbers reflect gallons of ethanol, not just gallons of alcoholic beverages, the actual consumption was probably significantly higher.  Beer, for example, is about 5% alcohol, meaning that it would take about 20 gallons of beer to get one gallon of ethanol.  Obviously, wine and distilled spirits contain a higher percentage of alcohol by volume, but we are still talking about a lot of drinking.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that the per capita cost of excessive drinking in Massachusetts is nearly $900 per person annually.  And these numbers don’t even indicate the human cost of excessive drinking in terms of its impact on the families of those who abuse alcohol.  Excessive drinking is a very serious problem in the Northeast United States and in the entire nation.  If your loved one has a drinking problem, it’s time to consider getting alcohol help for them.


What is Excessive Drinking?

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) describes binge drinking as 4-5 drinks within 2 hours on at least one day during the past month.  Heavy alcohol use is described as binge drinking on 5 or more days during the past month.  In general, an Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) is described as drinking which causes distress or harm in the person.


Signs of Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD)

  • Drinking more or for a longer time period than you intended
  • Failed attempts to cut down or stop drinking
  • Engaging in risky behaviors during or after drinking
  • Having to drink more to get drunk
  • Continuing to drink despite the realization that it is causing problems with family, friends, job or school
  • Legal problems caused by drinking
  • Withdrawal symptoms when not drinking


It may not be clear why a person has reached the point where their drinking is out of control.  There may be a co-occurring disorder, a mental or emotional health problem which the person self-treats by the use of alcohol.  Other victims of AUD may have been drinking for many years and have developed a physical dependence on alcohol, which results in discomfort or other negative symptoms when they try to cut down or eliminate their use of alcohol.  Whatever the case, the person is not in a position to manage their drinking on their own.  In such cases, they will need help to change their behavior.


How Can You Help?

It may be that some or all of the indications of AUD remind you of somebody you love or care about.  If this is the case, then Northeast Addictions Treatment Center (NEATC) can help.  NEATC is an outpatient facility staffed by caring and skilled professionals who are trained to treat persons suffering from AUD.  They are able to treat co-occurring disorders involving AUD and provide intensive outpatient treatment along with aftercare and therapy services for persons who have lost control of their drinking.  AUD will not fix itself.  Indeed, problems with the use of alcohol will only get worse without help.  If somebody you love is suffering, contact NEATC today.


Not all of those who suffer from AUD are ready or willing to enter into treatment.  Some may vehemently deny that they have a problem and don’t need alcohol help.  The trained staff at NEATC are ready and willing to help you get them the alcohol help they need: from detox to partial hospitalization, to outpatient and aftercare.  For those suffering from a co-occurring disorder, therapy will be necessary to enable them to learn the skills needed to manage their mental or emotional health issues without using alcohol as a crutch.


Recovery From Alcoholism

In all cases, persons recovering from AUD will need some kind of aftercare.  This aftercare will provide an opportunity for them to learn how to manage their lives without alcohol.  Many people subscribe to the idea that the person should just quit drinking.  If only it were so simple.  It’s not.  The abuse of alcohol comprises a variety of problems and symptoms which the person may not be fully aware of and are unable to control on their own.  That is why help is needed.

If somebody you love is abusing alcohol, get them the help they need.  Contact NEATC today.  Don’t wait!


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