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Life After Rehab | What to Expect

Life After Rehab | What to Expect


Returning Home

The first challenge that many will face after leaving drug rehab centers or alcohol rehab centers is returning to the old environment from which they came out of to pursue a detox program. Old environments can be difficult to return to, because they give rise to old emotions and feelings related to a person’s former addiction. It is here that so many people will be tempted and tested to see how thorough their recovery truly was. If a person can return to their old environment and not fall back into old addictive habits, this is certainly a good sign. If a person cannot remain in control of their addiction, once they return to their old environment, then it would be better for these people to seek to live elsewhere; thus, avoiding the emotional triggers that perpetuate addiction.

Finding Purpose

When recovering from drug addiction or alcohol abuse, it is important for a person to find new purpose in life. When a recovering addict finds purpose and meaning in life, it helps them to occupy their mind with something besides the desire to fall back into old habits. For many people this could mean going back to school, getting a new career or finding something more constructive to do with their time than abuse substances they need to stay far away from to avoid a relapse.

Building a Support Network

A good use of a recovering addicts time is to look into ways to build a solid support network. Whether this involves continuing to attend AA meetings or getting more involved with their church or family members, having support to help a recovering addict over the weak moments is key to ensuring that recovery sticks for the long term.

Finding New Friends

Another aspect to the post recovery process is to find new friends. Often old friends are a problem to hang out with after rehab. Old friends might be enablers, drug contacts or struggling with addiction problems themselves. For a recently recovered addict, such individuals are not the best people to be hanging around when you are trying to remain clean. Choosing new friends which are uninterested in addictive substances can help a recovering addict by having no ties to the substances the recovering addict struggles with avoiding. The idea, after rehab, is to destroy as much of the connection with addictive substances and the people who use them as possible. Otherwise, the recovering addict is playing a dangerous game with individuals who could bring them closer to the point of a relapse. That, of course, would not be an ideal outcome.

Avoiding Certain Places

When a person was entrenched in addiction, they likely had some favorite hang out spots. Often these spots would have been places they would go to indulge in their substance of choice. After rehab, many of these places are going to be off limits. That is, a recovering addict must choose not to go to such places to help ensure that they develop the will power to control their behavior

Rebuilding the Patient’s Body

Rehab can take a lot out of a person. Although a patient is a successful recovering addict, they still may need a lot of work improving their health from enduring the experience. A lot of former drug and alcohol users are attempting to reclaim their health. Eating better and exercising can help to mitigate the detrimental effects acquired during drug addiction, but this is an ongoing process after rehab that should continue as part of a new, healthy lifestyle.

Reprogramming the Mind

The beauty of rehab is that it helps a recovering addict to become free of addictive substances. The journey to keep the mind away from addictive substances and behaviors does not end when a recovering addict leaves rehab. Reprogramming the mind to be strong and to continuously say, “No!” to temptation is an ongoing process. Daily meditation can help a person to gain the focus they need to be strong mentally. This strength will prevent them from relapsing, and it will also allow them to get on with pursuing a more productive lifestyle. Meditation is also good as another factor that helps to improve the health of a recovering addict. The time to reflect can be used as an opportunity to remind such an individual of all the reasons why they should strive to remain drug or alcohol free.

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