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Life in recovery | Steps to Take to Stay Clean

Steps to Take to Stay Clean

Addiction is a difficult situation to break whether it’s alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, shopping or unhealthy relationship habits. However, there is a way to conquer it and stay clean for the rest of your life. Long-term success requires adherence to a strategy that will protect you from getting drawn back into the lifestyle. The following are a few of the steps you have to take to stay triumphant:

Step 1: Enter a Recovery Program

The first step to living a sober existence is to enter a program that can give you a well-rounded regimen of support. Find a substance addiction or alcoholism recovery center that is long-standing, well known and offers a vast assortment of tools that will help get your body and mind ready for a victorious life. You should hunt for a facility that offers things like supervised detox, group counseling, one-on-one therapy and maybe even some additional activities such as group trips. The quality of your rehabilitation services will have a lot to do with your ability to remain sober.

Step 2: Recruit Accountability Partners

Accountability partners are people who will stay true and honest to you by letting you know when you’re shifting out of line or slipping. They’re good people to have around you because they will make sure that you stay accountable for all of your actions. You will probably meet some people in the rehab program that can fulfill this role and help to keep you grounded. You may even develop a deep friendship with such people.

Step 3: Occupy All Your Downtime

Cravings and subtle ideas to involve yourself in addictive activity will try to grab hold of you the most when you have a lot of downtimes. You can load up your agenda with things to do to combat this occurrence. Eventually, your new activities will become so much a part of your life that those ideas to do things that you used to do in your addiction will diminish completely. Examples of some things that you can fill your time with are writing, painting, exercising, doing scholastic studies, traveling and the like.

Step 4: Connect With Your Higher Power

Engaging in meditation or connecting with your higher power can help you to find the additional strength to defeat the habit of addiction and stay sober. The interactions that you have can give you the sense of comfort that you need and give you a feeling that someone is on your side and wants to empower you to stay strong. Meditation is nothing more than focus. You can meditate by finding a quiet place to read Scriptures and focus on them. Alternatively, you can focus on your breathing or making peace with your surroundings. You can find books and audio files on meditation in many places.

Step 5: Focus on Fitness

Getting involved in fitness activities can help you stay clean and pure from alcoholism, drug use or alternative addictions. When you exert your body and get your cardiovascular system working, your body will create some of the “feel good” hormones that drug and alcohol use may have given you. Serotonin, dopamine and endorphins are some of the elements that you can generate with exercise. You only have to work out for a minimum of 20 minutes to get those juices flowing. Keeping up with your nutrition and eating healthy meals can help keep you clean, and it can intensify your body’s detoxification process, as well.

Step 6: Change Your Environment

Moving is of the things that you should strongly consider doing when you break your addiction. Changing towns and friends is a good way to protect yourself from the temptation to get involved with your former lifestyle. It may seem like it’s a drastic move, but it will help you in the end, especially if your former friends and associates are still involved in addictive behaviors.

Step 7: Achieve Something Great

The next thing you’ll need to do is achieve something great. Think about things that you’ve always wanted to achieve in your lifetime and take the time to go after them now. Maybe you always wanted to take a cruise or travel the world. Perhaps you wanted to go back to school and get your degree. Maybe you wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle and then buy one. Now is the perfect time to follow your dreams instead of following a nightmare. Be brave and go after it no matter what it is. You’ll be glad that you did it and succeeded with it.

Those are just a few things that you can do to maintain your sobriety after you break free from an addiction. If you practice them, they will help you to stay clean and sober for the duration.

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