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Can You Stop Drinking Cold Turkey?

Can You Stop Drinking Cold Turkey?

How To Quit Drinking Alcohol Cold Turkey

Drinking is a popular pastime, and one that many people can be very careless about.  Abstaining from drinking after bingeing or quitting for good can be a great idea, but it can be hard to stop drinking alcohol.  Weaning yourself off of alcohol is not really a viable solution either. So how does an individual actually successfully quit drinking alcohol cold turkey?


Alcohol Abuse & Drinking Habits

Many people engage in binge drinking or heavy drinking.  Though many people consider it safe, in one binge drinking session an individual can abuse alcohol and exceed healthy or suitable drinking limits. These limits are 3 or less drinks per occasion for women and people over age 65, or 7 drinks per week. For men, it is 4 drinks per occasion and less than 14 per week, nearly double that of women.  However, it is easy to exceed these limits and abuse alcohol if not careful, especially during a night out.


Alcohol Tolerance & Dependence

If alcohol abuse occurs often enough, then an individual can build a tolerance to alcohol.  This simply means that it will take a greater amount of alcohol to achieve the same feeling that may have previously taken smaller amounts of alcohol to achieve.


Alcohol abuse and tolerance can lead to alcohol dependence.  Once you are dependent on alcohol, it can be hard to stop drinking.  Alcohol dependence occurs because the body and brain are now reliant on the alcohol to function properly.  Alcohol, a depressant, bonds to the dopamine receptors and changes how it is produced. As the body becomes more tolerant to alcohol, then less dopamine is produced. As more and more alcohol is needed to mimic the function and produce the effects of dopamine, dependence occurs.


Can You Quit Drinking Alcohol Cold Turkey?

It is important to assess drinking habits. Just a few important questions to ask yourself are:

  • Is this interfering with my work/family/relationships?
  • How much and how often am I drinking?
  • Why am I drinking?
  • How often am I sober?

It is also important to recognize signs of alcohol abuse, such as the amount of drinks you intake, comments of your family friends, if you’re alcohol intake is hidden, etc.  If you realize that you need to quit drinking alcohol, don’t make it more difficult to stop drinking by trying to do it cold turkey without support.


Seek Support

Here at Northeast Addictions Treatment Center, we have a wide range of options to support any individual who wants to stop drinking.


Our Partial Hospitalization Program and the Day Treatment Program are intense programs that fully support those trying to quit drinking alcohol or using any substances.  As the names state, an individual will be supported and receive treatment and care throughout the day, so that their sole focus is recovery and healing.


In Intensive Outpatient Treatment, there is a bit more flexibility in treatment hours as the individual is able to manage their symptoms much better, without needing to break away from their daily activities.  However, sometimes daily life can be full of triggers or enablers.  The intensive outpatient treatment program still works very closely with an individual to ensure they maintain their sobriety and to help ensure that they do not abuse alcohol again.


The traditional outpatient program is helpful for those who are abusing alcohol but have not yet reached a level of dependence that requires more serious treatment, as well as for those who have already completed one of the more intensive treatment programs and are looking for the next step down.  The outpatient program is full of support, education, and therapy that can help steer an individual in the right direction and give them the tools needed to manage to stop drinking or to quit drinking alcohol cold turkey.


Stop Drinking Now

At Northeast Addictions Treatment Center we truly believe that everyone is unique.  Therefore we create various treatment plants with different types of therapies that fit with an individual’s life, personality, and other important factors.  We help you find your best motivation for getting sober and help maintain your sobriety through strengthening your willpower.


It is possible to conquer alcohol abuse and to quit drinking alcohol cold turkey.  The best chance at success is with support.  Let us support you on the journey to recovery and rediscovering life.  Call us now to begin your journey today or to learn more about how we can help you.


Additional References: CDC.govNational Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

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