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Addiction Therapy

Addiction Treatment Center, Making the Call +

Addiction Treatment Center, Making the Call

What You Need to Know Before Calling an Addiction Treatment Center Addiction is a disease that can manifest itself very quickly in some cases or take years to develop in other cases. Each person’s addition is as unique as that person is. And because each person and case is different there is no one size

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History of Addiction Treatment +

History of Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment has come a long way over the years. As we learn more about the disease of addiction, we find better ways to treat it. Let’s take a look at the history of addiction treatment to see how far we’ve come in helping people who suffer from being addicted to alcohol and drugs. The history of addiction treatment started with many different theories that resulted in some cruel practices. Aversion therapies were popular when people started to see alcoholism as a problem. Everything from dropping bird feces to live eels in alcoholic drinks to keep people from drinking was used.

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Addictive Personality Disorder +

Addictive Personality Disorder

Addictive Personality Disorder refers to a particular collection of personality traits that makes a person more susceptible to developing addictions. However, it should be noted that this term is not scientific and is used in colloquial parlance. Addiction to a substance may be triggered by various factors in a person’s life and innate personality is one of such factors. Recognizing Addictive Personality Disorder is helpful in designing proper recovery plan. The various factors which are responsible for Addictive Personality Disorder include biological factors…

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Co-Occurring Disorders: Addiction & Mental Health +

Co-Occurring Disorders: Addiction & Mental Health

Co-Occurring Disorders & Dual Diagnosis
Although substance abuse may seem to be a standalone disorder, it often accompanies another mental illness. Almost 8 million adults a year struggle with co-occurring disorders, increasing the need for more comprehensive treatment plans. Decades ago, sequential treatment (treating each disorder at different points) was the norm. However, high rates of relapse proved the need for a new approach.

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Oxycodone Addiction Treatment +

Oxycodone Addiction Treatment

It’s ironic that a pain reliever created in the early 1900s intended not to be addictive like its cousins, heroin and morphine, has now become part of its own tragic epidemic. In the CDC’s report on overdose deaths from prescription opioids, oxycodone is contributing to the rapidly rising rates of drug abuse and fatalities. Learn more about oxycodone addiction and the treatment options available to combat emotional and physical dependency on opioids.

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Addicted to Vicodin – Getting Help +

Addicted to Vicodin – Getting Help

Vicodin is often prescribed for relief of pain after surgery or serious injury.  As an opiate, however, Vicodin can be addictive.  The consequences of being addicted to Vicodin can be serious, and recovery from the abuse of Vicodin can be difficult.  Like many addictions, the first step in rehab for Vicodin is detox, then therapeutic psychiatric treatment. Read this guide to learn about Vicodin addiction treatment.

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Substance use has revolutionized the way specialists treat drug-related addictions. There are effective options that use a single type of treatment, but addiction therapy is best when various approaches are used to treat addiction as a part of a combination of several therapies.

Finding the right addiction therapy program is incredibly important to recovery.  Here at Northeast Addictions, we consider ourselves pioneers in utilizing the most effective treatment and therapy methods to help addicts recover successfully.

Therapy requires dedication to a collaborative process to change detrimental patterns of behavior.  The steps and coping skills that the patient learns from therapy and addiction treatment will, therefore, motivate him or her to remain sober.  The most common therapies used for this purpose include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and related behavioral treatments.

These articles explain the many different approaches to Addiction Therapy, and how an integrated approach incorporating a variety of treatment types is the most successful method of addiction treatment.  Please share these articles about the benefits of rehab, and help spread the word about how Addiction Therapy changes lives.