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Teens And Drugs

Teenage Alcohol Abuse Facts +

Teenage Alcohol Abuse Facts

Alcohol hаѕ wide-ranging effects іn thе body. Thеrе аrе purported benefits, аѕ wеll аѕ pitfalls, tо consuming alcohol. Onсе іt enters уоur system, іt triggers іmmеdіаtе physiological сhаngеѕ іn thе brain, heart, аnd liver, аmоng оthеr organs. Ovеr time, thеѕе сhаngеѕ саn lead tо long-term health complications іf you’re drinking tоо much. There’s а lot уоu

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Top 5 Symptoms of Drug Addiction in Teenagers +

Top 5 Symptoms of Drug Addiction in Teenagers

Signs of Drug Addiction in Teenagers Drug addiction is a serious issue and it can be hard to discern whether a teen is using drugs, whether they are your child, a friend, a student or a loved one. You may have noticed some changes in their behavior or appearance that are causing you to worry.

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The Slippery Slope of Gateway Drugs +

The Slippery Slope of Gateway Drugs

Gateway Drugs Are A Slippery Slope It is not uncommon to hear people talk about alcohol or marijuana as gateway drugs.  The idea is that the person who uses alcohol or marijuana will almost certainly move on to harder drugs.  There is, not surprisingly, a lot of anecdotal evidence to support this claim.  An argument

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Latest Findings on Teen Drug Use +

Latest Findings on Teen Drug Use

How Many Teens Are Using Drugs? It’s always important to stay informed on the latest findings and information about drugs, substance abuse and other issues that plague people as a whole.  There are many agencies, both public and private, and many researchers dedicated to finding new information to improve the lives of those with addictions and those with loved ones who are facing addiction or facing the consequences of drugs or substance abuse.  This is especially important for parents who worry about teen drug use. Drug and Alcohol Study with a Teen Focus

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Uncommon Drugs: GBL, Peyote, Bath Salts, Khat, Shrooms, and More +

Uncommon Drugs: GBL, Peyote, Bath Salts, Khat, Shrooms, and More

Obscure & Uncommon Drugs Being Used To Get High: Some drugs are well-known. Opioids, for example, are the subject of widespread abuse and intense government efforts to limit abuse. Marijuana is currently the subject of debate about its healing properties and whether its use should be legalized. Alcohol, of course, is known around the world. Heroin is known to be one of the most devastating drugs. Cocaine is a popular (and illegal) stimulant.

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Parents Beware: Loperamide Abuse Popular Among Youth +

Parents Beware: Loperamide Abuse Popular Among Youth

Why Teens Are Choosing Loperamide for a High – Imagine a parent finding an empty package of anti-diarrhea medicine like loperamide (Imodium) in their child’s trash can. Not just once, but several times a week. They might initially suspect that their child is suffering from a severe case of diarrhea. Eventually, however, they might suspect something more serious is happening. Their child, of course, denies that there is a problem and refuses the offer of a visit to the doctor. For more and more parents, this very…

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Teen drinking and drug use is an important topic for parents to understand, as teens are constantly exposed to media images of underage drinking, teens and drugs. During the impressionable teen years, this can have a big impact on their substance abuse habits, especially if not addressed early on. Additionally, teens face peer pressure and deal with a number of changes ranging from bodily to life changes, which often cause additional stress and increase the likelihood of teens and drugs being used.

This is how the process of addiction gets started. If using drugs becomes part of a teen’s life, it becomes very easy for them to transition into lifelong addicts.

Teens and drugs are often attributed to rebellion. Teens are simultaneously desiring to fit in with their peers and yet be different from everybody else. In an effort to rebel, many teens turn to drugs as an act of rebellion against authority.

Learn more here about teens and drugs, and learn how to stop their drug use before it turns into a drug problem and full-blown addiction.