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19 Things Every Recovering Alcoholic Needs To Do

Will I Be Successful In Recovery from Alcoholism?

Victims of Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) must face the fact that they have a problem and that recovery will be difficult. They must understand that recovery from alcoholism involves more than just detoxification. Rather, it involves changing both your habits and sometimes even your circle of friends. This need not think that recovery is just too difficult. It is possible to live a sober life. You can be successful at quitting alcohol!  Follow these 9 things every recovering alcoholic needs to do and these 10 simple new habits every recovering alcoholic needs to incorporate into their life, and you will succeed in recovery!


9 Things Every Recovering Alcoholic Needs To Do

  1. Get the right kind of treatment. Different drugs require different treatment regimens, so make sure that the place you go to knows how to treat alcoholism.

  2. Take an active role in your treatment. Don’t just go through the motions or attend treatment sessions. Really participate.

  3. Take advantage of community resources. There are people out there who can help you with unemployment, domestic violence, and other problems that motivate alcoholics to keep drinking.

  4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. There is a lot to learn, and the best way to learn is by willing to ask questions about things that are unclear.

  5. Complete your treatment regimen. At some point the victim of AUD may start to think that they can handle recovery on their own. No matter how ready the addict thinks they are, it’s still important to finish the treatment process.

  6. Gather people who will be supportive of recovery. The person involved in the abuse of alcohol will benefit from the help of a support team. This team can give you both the support and the challenge you may need.

  7. Even one drink is too much. Addicts sometimes convince themselves that they can handle a little alcohol, but it just isn’t true. As members of Alcoholics Anonymous often say, “Even one drink is one too many.”

  8. Develop a relationship with a higher power. For some people this higher power will be God while for others it might be the other members of a self-help group. Others may trust a different higher power. Whatever the case is for a particular person in sobriety, it’s important to find a power you can rely on.

  9. Participate in aftercare. Those who do participate in aftercare are 10 times less likely to relapse.


10 Simple & Practical New Habits For Recovering Alcoholics

There are also a number of simpler activities that will help the person recovering from AUD to be happier. Below are 10 habits that will support recovery.


  1. Make your bed every day. This may seem like a silly suggestion but it’s really a great way to start your day with a small achievement.

  2. Remember to be grateful. Comparing your life while you were drinking with your life in recovery will lead you to be thankful for how much better things are now.

  3. Take a walk. A walk around your neighborhood allows you to enjoy the unique beauties that are close by and even a little exercise releases endorphins, the brain’s ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter.

  4. Spend a few minutes each day thinking about the blessings in your life. Only a quarter of an hour of such meditation will help you be more successful in recovery.

  5. Connect with others. It doesn’t have to be an in-depth conversation. Just talking to somebody about your day can deepen your sense of community. Bottling up your emotions instead of talking to somebody else can be self-destructive.

  6. Plan your day. Making a list of things you need to accomplish every day will help you avoid the stress caused by forgotten tasks and give you a sense of achievement as you work through the items on your list.

  7. Improve your diet. Easing right and getting the hydration you need will help you feel better physically.

  8. Remember self-care. It’s healthy for all people to regularly engage in an activity that they enjoy. The choices are numerous. Your self-care could involve seeing a movie at the theater, spending some time reading a book, watching a movie or TV series that you enjoy, or whatever it is that gives you pleasure.

  9. Regularly participate in self-help group meetings. Knowing that other people are going through the same things you are can be very helpful. Also, other members of the group can give you the encouragement you need or challenge you when it’s necessary.

  10. Focus on your progress. Surely, your life is better in recovery than it was when you were drinking. Remember that! Celebrate the fact that you’ve made a lot of progress.


Recovery from Alcohol Use Disorder

Recovering from AUD is not easy. It begins with detoxification, but there is a lot more. Those in recovery will need to change their environment and even their circle of friends. Changing their environment means avoiding places where they previously drank, such as bars. Changing their circle of friends means avoiding people who supported their alcohol abuse or abused alcohol with them. There are suggested steps for the addict to follow that will help them move forward. There are also some suggestions above to help the person in addiction recovery to build a better life.

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