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Traveling to Massachusetts for Addiction Treatment

Traveling to Massachusetts for Addiction Treatment

Why You Should Travel for Addiction Treatment

There are numerous options for receiving treatment and many people look no further than their own hometown. This may not always be the best idea though. Traveling away from home for addiction treatment can be quite advantageous. It is important to explore the benefits of traveling for addiction treatment, especially to the East Coast, and how it can positively affect treatment.


Benefits of Traveling for Addiction Treatment

Healing from an addiction can be tough work. While healing, many individuals still have to manage triggers, judgement from others, enablers, and daily life.  Traveling for addiction treatment and getting away from home can make the transition much easier, as some triggers may be eliminated or more easily dealt with when you’re removed from the environment.


Additionally, those who are not supportive of the recovery, will not have the ability to influence or sabotage the recovery process. Judgement from others will not be an issue either, as the person is new in town and therefore will be able to meet new people who will form opinions of based on who they are presently and not who they were.


Lastly, enablers are not going to be an issue either if someone travels alone because then they will learn to take responsibility and have accountability for their own recovery.  While many will argue that there is no support system outside of family and friends, if one moves, that is simply not true. The individual was able to become addicted to substances in the proximity or company of family and friends so it is not necessarily a major factor that they are in close proximity to offer support. The individual will have the support of those at the treatment center, those in recovery groups, their therapist, and the people where they choose to live, if it is at a rehabilitation community. However, if they do chose to live in regular housing, it is a great chance to use the new supports that they are learning while still staying present in real-life settings.


Benefits of Traveling to the East Coast

Addiction treatment centers each boast their own benefits. Receiving treatment in the East Coast can be pretty great.


The East Coast is known for its wonderful cities, abundance of history, and endless culture and activities. Anything that a person could want to do is all contained within the entire East Coast.


Aside from that, everything is reachable within a day of non-stop driving (or two with breaks). The Boston-Atlanta metropolitan axis includes: Boston, New York, Philly, Baltimore, DC, Charlotte and Atlanta, all of which are short train rides between the cities to explore.


If you enjoy eating, the East Coast really has you covered. There are so many specialties of food within each major city, especially New York City, Buffalo, DC, and Boston. From Korean to street pizza to Jamaican food, there is no shortage of food from every culture.


Aside from the food, If you’re coming to recover in over a 90 day period or even as short as 21, depending on the time of year, you actually get to experience the seasons. The East Coast at Christmas time is gorgeous and quite a cozy and beautiful sight.


Perhaps recovering on the East Coast might inspire you to move, study, or seek a new job. This would be the coast to do it with a number of amazing universities to choose from as well as many industries that are housed here that are thriving and successful and unparalleled anywhere else in the US.


If you are looking to really immerse yourself in anything while recovering, the East Coast has a wide variety of museums and historical places which brings us to Massachusetts.


What’s Appealing about Massachusetts?

Massachusetts has a number of historical places! The freedom trail, which is 3 miles and has numerous historical attractions and monuments including the famed Faneuil Hall, where revolutionaries and abolitionists held meetings and a marketplace with amazing shopping.


Minuteman historical park, has statues of minutemen, and is another great historical landmark.  Plymouth Plantation Salem Morning Stroll Historical Tour gives great information about the history of the city of Salem and original historical places. Massachusetts also offers whale watching and sightings of other amazing marine life.  Aside from this, Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod have history that can be enjoyed while relaxing on beautiful calming beaches.  The wealth of art museums from the Museum of Fine Arts, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Fogg Art Museum, Busch-Reisinger, and Arthur M. Sackler Museum to The Peabody Museum of Archeology and Ethnology, the Mineralogical Museum, the Museum of Comparative Zoology, and the Botanical Museum, offers days of amusement and knowledge.


Quincy, Massachusetts and Its Benefits

One city in particular, Quincy, offers history and intrigue and yet a great calmness that is essential to recovery. Spectacle Island a beach with sea glass and other interesting finds is one of the major draws to this city. There is also the US Naval Shipbuilding Museum and Marina Bay, where you can enjoy relaxing views of the water. Quincy was also once home to former presidents, presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams, and revolutionary Josiah Quincy, making it rich in history to discover.


Essential Healing

Being in the right place while recovering is essential to the healing process. The East Coast and Massachusetts offer quiet, serene spaces to reflect and find restoration while also offering a an expanse of interesting and intriguing activities for any and every kind of interest. Outside of the major cities, Massachusetts offers clean living and marine life that you won’t find anywhere else. Get healed in a place that can change your life!  Contact us to learn more about the benefits of traveling for addiction treatment.

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