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Understanding Drug Addiction in 2018

Understanding Drug Addiction in 2018

Getting the Facts on Drug Addiction Today

There isn’t a person in the United States that does not know a person or loved one who is on drugs. At one time or another, the drug of choice has either increased or decreased depending on the generation. Alcohol and cocaine have always been a problem. heroin has made a comeback. Today’s problem focuses on opioids and prescription medicines. Methamphetamines also ranked at the top of the list. Not only are methamphetamines addictive, they are dangerous to make. People die from unstable labs when producing the drugs. There are a lot more deaths happening in recent years with opioid overdoses. This makes it harder to combat the problem because it’s not out in the open. These drugs are found right in the medicine cabinet at home. There are many types of addictive drugs. Opioid overdoses are one of the problems.

What is addiction

Drug Addiction happens when a person becomes dependent on drugs and alcohol. He or she can’t do without the substance and has to have it. Depending on the drug that a person takes, there are different effects. Today’s main drug of choice is opioids. Opioids destroy lives of individuals as young as 12 and as old as 60. Opioids consist of painkillers, heroin, and oxycodone. Some people get addicted to prescription drugs because they get them from the doctor. They get addicted if they take more of a dose than they are supposed to take. It takes months or years to recover from the addiction of opioids. Today it is one of the deadliest addictions around. Some say people start out on lesser drugs such as marijuana then graduate to a harder drug. It is a myth. This is not always the case with drug abuse.


Who abuses drugs


Drugs do not choose people. People choose drugs. Anyone can find themselves hooked. No one is immune. Education on the effects of drugs can be a very effective deterrent. Some people learn from the experience of seeing others hooked on drugs and refrain from using them. They see how it ruins lives and takes lives. It is a great myth that people with poor backgrounds, unemployed, or minorities are likely to use drugs. It is a choice. Addiction to drugs causes changes to an individual. It might make them commit crimes or lose their jobs. There is no economic status that divides who uses drugs. Male or female no one can ignore drug abuse.


Where to get help


There Are rehab centers all over the country to get treatment. Every state has a detox center that can help. In some rural areas, some people may not have access to treatment. Rehabilitation is a long process that requires teamwork. It takes counselors and healthcare providers to get through withdrawal. The most important thing on the road to recovery is family support. He or she needs to know that there is somebody there to lend a helping hand. The medical treatment used for individuals that have an addiction to opioids or heroin is tough. It can be very expensive because some of the antidepressants could be as high as $1,000. If he or she needs rapid detox that can cost as much as $10,000. Most people do not have health insurance that could cover rehab treatment. This form of treatment is not very safe. An individual could die from the process. For those who have insurance, it is not a problem. This is one of the realities that we face in 2018. No one plans on being an addict.

Today the government has taken steps to prevent the rise of opioid use in the United States. They are trying to get more research to combat the situation. They are looking into the areas with the highest opioid overdose rates to improve treatment. The government is working to put restrictions on the use of handing out too many prescriptions. They want to crack down on the drug companies that produce the opioids and hold them responsible. The government has recently put over 400 million to combat the opioid crisis. This may seem like a lot, but it is only a small drop in the bucket some lawmakers say.

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