Buying Ambien Online Without A Prescription | Safety & Risks

Buying Ambien online without a legitimate prescription is illegal and comes with serious risks. Counterfeit pills are common and may contain more volatile substances.

Buying Ambien online without a prescription can be performed through online pharmacies, many of which do not require a prescription. However, buying Ambien online can be unsafe due to the lack of regulation and potential inclusion of fatal ingredients.

Taking Ambien that was bought online can cause side effects such as breathing problems, memory loss, withdrawal, and even death.

Ambien is a brand name prescription drug that can treat sleep disorders such as insomnia. It is a Schedule IV controlled substance, and is only available via prescription. Any use of Ambien without a prescription can be a form of substance abuse.

Why Buy Ambien Online?

Buying Ambien online may increase accessibility of the drug. Some online pharmacies may promote next-day or even same-day delivery, while others claim that a prescription is not required to buy prescription drugs.

A person may seek to buy Ambien Online due to the lack of regulations from supposed online pharmacies. They may wish to solve their sleep problems without obtaining a prescription or seek the lowest prices from an unapproved organization.

Buying Ambien without a prescription may also include off-label use of the drug or to abuse the sedative-hypnotic side effects of Ambien, such as sleepiness, impairment, and lightheadedness.

Risks Of Buying Ambien Online

Counterfeit pills may include unsafe or harmful ingredients. Reports of zolpidem that was bought online contained twice the FDA-approved amount of the active ingredient, zolpidem tartrate.

Historically, health organizations have identified potentially fatal ingredients in online-bought prescription drugs, such as:

  • paint
  • paint thinner
  • rat poison
  • lead
  • uranium

It can be difficult or even impossible to identify these ingredients before ingesting the drug. However, counterfeit pills can be identified if they arrive in incorrect or mislabeled packaging.

The pills themselves may also have a different appearance.

Is Buying Ambien Online Safe?

Buying Ambien online can be unsafe due to the inability to verify formulations and the potential for serious side effects. Taking Ambien that was bought online may cause side effects such as drowsiness, instances of memory loss, and trouble breathing.

You may also experience an allergic reaction to Ambien, due to the inability to communicate your medical history with a doctor prior to use. Your risk of chronic substance abuse may increase if you are taking Ambien without a prescription.

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