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Parents Beware: Loperamide Abuse Popular Among Youth +

Parents Beware: Loperamide Abuse Popular Among Youth

Why Teens Are Choosing Loperamide for a High – Imagine a parent finding an empty package of anti-diarrhea medicine like loperamide (Imodium) in their child’s trash can. Not just once, but several times a week. They might initially suspect that their child is suffering from a severe case of diarrhea. Eventually, however, they might suspect something more serious is happening. Their child, of course, denies that there is a problem and refuses the offer of a visit to the doctor. For more and more parents, this very…

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Motivational Quotes For Addiction Recovery +

Motivational Quotes For Addiction Recovery

Motivation is a key aspect of drug addiction recovery. Throughout the years, many addicts find inspiration and motivation through the use of quotes. There are quotes for good times, and there are quotes for bad times. Some of them help to reflect on the past, and some of them help to make the recovering addict look towards the future. The following are some motivational quotes for addiction recovery. Acceptance and Love Quotes. Part of recovery is learning to love yourself. This is accepting the past as it happened. It also means accepting the addiction exists.

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How Detox Leads to a Successful Recovery +

How Detox Leads to a Successful Recovery

Detox Is Just the Beginning! It is well-known that opioids are very addictive in all of their forms and that alcohol and other drugs are also highly addictive. Whatever drug a person has become addicted to, this does not take place in a matter of hours or days, and detox to get off drugs is only the first step towards recovery. An addiction may persist for some time before its impact becomes sufficiently severe that the victim of addiction is moved to seek treatment. While the addiction continues, the victim develops various ways to…

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Trump, The ACA, and Addiction Treatment Insurance +

Trump, The ACA, and Addiction Treatment Insurance

Addiction Treatment Insurance Coverage Several years ago, our nation set out on a journey to reform medical care and insurance.  The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, promised to provide better coverage at better prices.  As part of the ACA, insurance companies were expected to provide coverage for Addiction Treatment.  The current administration under President Trump has begun to make some changes to the requirements of the ACA.

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What Is Crack Cocaine? +

What Is Crack Cocaine?

What You Need to Know About Crack Cocaine
Crack is the crystal form of cocaine, between 75% and 100% pure. It is therefore the most powerful form of cocaine. In this form, it is heated and smoked. It’s sold as an odorless white or yellow powder or in small chunks. It’s called crack because of the noise it makes when being heated. Other names for it include snow coke, rocks, black rock, chemical, candy, nuggets, gravel, and grit. How Popular is Crack? The US National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported that 8.6 million…

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Vicodin Abuse Signs & How to Get Help +

Vicodin Abuse Signs & How to Get Help

How to Know Someone Is Abusing Vicodin
The epidemic surrounding opioid addiction is growing by the number each day. People are losing family and friends left and right and it all starts with a loss of self. The number of people with access to Vicodin has nearly quadrupled within the last 10 years.  Do you suspect a loved one is suffering from Vicodin addiction?  These Vicodin abuse signs can help you know for sure. There are many different signs to look for when it comes to Vicodin addiction.

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