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A drug or alcohol intervention can cost more than one thousand dollars. The cost of an intervention can depend on who you hire for the intervention and whether your health insurance covers the cost.

An intervention can be the first step in your loved one’s addiction recovery journey. A successful intervention can be the difference between your loved one entering a substance abuse treatment program and continuing their alcohol or drug abuse.

While interventions are not free, untreated alcohol or drug use can have great costs on patients and their loved ones. The cost of treatment is likely less than the cost of your loved one’s well-being, which cannot be replaced.

The Cost Of Interventions

Informal interventions may not cost money. These interventions may involve you, close friends, and family members convincing your loved one to get help.

While informal interventions can sometimes work, you may have a risk of becoming emotional or not listening to your loved one’s feelings.

Some mental health professionals and addiction treatment providers may offer intervention services. These workers may have experience with substance use disorder patients, although they may not always work in intervention settings. This may be known as a brief intervention.

Without an insurance plan, a professional intervention service can cost more than one thousand dollars.

For this cost, a professional interventionist leads the meeting, listens to your loved one’s concerns, and treats them with respect. Professional interventionists may suit patients with severe alcohol or drug addictions.

Payment Assistance For Interventions

Some alcohol and drug treatment centers and professional intervention services may accept your health insurance. Commonly accepted insurance providers may include private insurance plans from your employer and military insurance.

Before hiring a brief or professional intervention team, you can ask them about potential payment options.

The Importance Of An Effective Intervention

An effective intervention can convince your family member or loved one to get help. However, interventions can be delicate and emotional. If your intervention does not work, your loved one may continue their drug or alcohol abuse and refuse to listen to you.

If you become angry or talk down to your loved one during an intervention, you may not convince them they truly need help. You may be more likely to lose control during informal interventions.

If you have a professional interventionist or healthcare provider at the intervention, they may be qualified to handle the situation. They can stay calm and productive during the meeting, which can help your loved one understand how serious their problem is.

Northeast Addictions Treatment Center

The intervention process can take more than one day, and can be intense for the patient and their loved ones. However, your loved one may agree to get help after a successful intervention.

The type of treatment your loved one may need may depend on their medical history and the substance they struggle with.

For a drug and alcohol rehab center that works for your loved one’s specific needs, contact Northeast Addictions Treatment Center. Our evidence-based treatment options may include medical detox schedules, management of withdrawal symptoms, and mental health care.

We can assess your loved one’s specific needs and create a treatment plan that works for them. We can also answer any questions you may have about the cost of rehab programs and long-term recovery planning.

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