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Day Treatment

Day Treatment

Day Treatment

Day Treatment offers a safe and structured environment while referring our clients to live in a structured residential recovery house in the evening. This level of care is appropriate for those individuals making the transition from an inpatient program or a medical detox unit.

What to expect

Drug treatment success is about long-term trajectories and overall wellness. Day Treatment programs give patients a constantly controlled environment in which to recover from their addictions.

Life in Day Treatment

Typically, a Day Treatment rehab program lasts anywhere from 1-6 months depending on the patient’s needs. One of the main benefits of a Day Treatment program is that it provides you with a safe and comfortable space where you can avoid the triggers and unwanted distractions of everyday life. Days are highly structured and patients meet with various psychologists, counselors, and medical doctors in both individual and group sessions.

We support you in Day Treatment

The constant supervision of medical professionals makes relapse less likely and clinicians can provide medicine and medical expertise to fight cravings. This supervision is perhaps the strongest benefit of a Day Treatment versus an Outpatient Program.